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Exedrol (Exemestane) 25mg 60tabs , Balkan Pharmaceuticals / NEW

Model Exedrol
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Price:   $79.00

Exedrol (Exemestane) 25mg 60tabs , Balkan Pharmaceuticals / NEW

Products name: Exedrol
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Exemestane
Pack: 25mg, 60 tabs

Exedrol by Balkan  is an anti-estrogen like structure similar to formestane. It works by blocking the enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesis. Medical is used to combat breast cancer, especially in women have failed treatment with tamoxifen.

It seems that Aromasin is the most effective anti-estrogen available on the market right now. If Femera and Armidex have estrogen inhibition rate of 70% -80%, in cazulAromasinului rate is above 85%. Reactions coming from bodybuilders tend to support this idea, that Aromasin is the antiestrogen efciient available. Regardless of who is "king" anti-estrogen agents famaceutici all new, Arimidex, and Aromasin Femera be regarded as being extremely effective in reducing estrogen synthesis in the body. 0% more or less the rate of conversion of the three mentioned above will not matter a lot during your next cycle of steroids. If you want an agent to prevent gynecomastia, and help prevent water retention weight loss and any of the three products is good. If you really need the best when Aromasin is for you.

There are negative differences when these products are compared with antiestrogen generation older, as Nolvadex or Clomid. Estrogen acts upon cholesterol, and their total blockage lowers good cholesterol (HDL). If anti-estrogen older they have a positive influence on it. So if you're not sensitive to estrogen, it is recommended to use one of these older products, which offer good protection without negative influences on cholesterol.

It comes as tablets of 25 mg. A good dose for bodybuilding is half tablet daily or once every two days. If you want any traces of estrogen inlaturerea various reasons then one tablet daily is enough. Like Armidex, its price is high, making it easily accessible.