How to use Methandrostenolone

How to use Methandrostenolone

What is Methandrostenolone and general information about it.

Methandrostenolone is also known as Dianabol. It belongs to the group of very powerful and effective anabolic and steroids. In fact this is the member of C17 steroid family. Its unique use can push the limits of a human body to the limits providing exceptional performance and allows to achieve outstanding results during trainings. Most of the times, the medicine is used by bodybuilders and athletes. It enables the muscles to grow faster and even allows to burn the fat pretty quickly hence the body becomes exceptionally beautiful and the shape of the muscles becomes visible. The drug has plenty of power to transform you and makes you becoming a beast when you commence your workouts. The recovery during the workouts also becomes more efficient because your metabolic capacity is being upgraded very quickly. Methandrostenolone is regarded as number one steroid for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world but in order to make sure that its use is safe and efficient it is crucial to know How to use Methandrostenolone and what dosage has to be used. Here is what else Dianabol will provide for you:

  • Free testosterone level in your body will be increased dramatically.
  • Protein syntheses that occur inside of your body will be upgraded.
  • Red cell in your blood will be increased providing you with additional boost to performance.
  • You will be recovering from one exercise to another much better and quicker.
  • Metabolic capacity will be upgraded to the new powerful level.
  • Fat will be burned in much more efficient way.
  • The nitrogen level will be much higher and retained better.
  • Fatigue will be decreased and tiredness will not be the problem during training exercises.

The main principles and rules of How to use Methandrostenolone.

Dianabol can be used in both forms: in pills as well as the use as an injection. Due to the fact that pills are most commonly used vast majority of athletes prefer to take the medicine in this form. It is much easier and safer to take it orally hence we will concentrate on the dosage and principles of How to use Methandrostenolone in this form.

The actual dosage is depended on athletes’ personal physical conditions and the length periods when it is taken. No matter whether you are professional athlete, seasonal bodybuilder or just the beginner the dosage is depended on your body conditions and weight. Generally, it varies from 30mg to 50 mg per day. The effect that influences your performance will normally last for 3-5 hours. Therefore, the pills have to be taken before the workouts, so that maximum level of efficiency is reached.

Some professional bodybuilder and particularly seasonal bodybuilders may use up to 80 mg per day. Many professionals believe that this amount is rather excessive but it still can be used to boost the performance level to its maximum. The duration effect of such amount will be exactly the same as when lower dosages are taken but it will allow you to do more exercises and boost your ability to perform to greater level. Beginners are not recommended to use high dosage because it might do some harm to your body, muscles and health in general. When it comes to the question of How to use Methandrostenolone, it is also very important to point out that its use must not exceed 4-6 continuous weeks! When you using the pills the dosage can be managed pretty easily because you can make the choice of what to purchase initially. The pills can be bought in 5 mg; 10 mg and 15 mg. Beginners can commence the use of the supplement from very low levels and see what the results will be as well as you can also observe closely whether you may have any side effects.

The side effects from using Dianabol.

In reality, when storming results from workouts are delivered, there is always the price to pay for that. The side effects are particularly dangerous when the maximum cycle length is not followed and excessive dosages are used. In addition, side effects will also take place if use Methandrostenolone is implemented in the long term, which means that the supplement is taken over several years. These are the problems that an individual may experience in the future:

  • The body will retain more water than usual.
  • Men’s boobs may become larger, which is also known as
  • Extensive heir growth can be observed.
  • Acnes may occur on the face of a person as well as on different parts of the body.
  • There might be some cardiovascular problems that may take place in the future.
  • Insomnia or in other words difficulties with sleeping at nights might also be one of the side effects.
  • The reduction of testosterone level is one of the most common problems that may occur.
  • Liver may also be damaged in the long term when the supplement is used.
  • People may also experience high blood pressure, which one of the reasons of heart attacks and strokes. Therefore if you have any heart problems please do not use this medicine.

How to use Methandrostenolone and the way it works.

Dianabol will never work perfectly on itself. It means that you may use daily dosage as it is recommended by the specialists but there will be very little result from it if you do not know how it works and what processes stand behind it.

First of all, it has to be remembered that you meals have to be consisted of maximum amount of proteins. Therefore, please consume as much meat as possible; make sure that your daily diet is consisted of plenty of vegetables as well as milk products are consumed on daily basis when you use the supplement.

Secondly, when the protein levels are in your daily ration are sufficient, the use Methandrostenolone will ensure the maximum concentration of nitrogen concentration in your cell and therefore the most effective and efficient use of proteins. Consequentially, it also ensures much better muscles recovery after completion of workouts.

Thirdly, the supplement will also ensure that carbohydrates, which are received from your food are used with greater efficiency too. Allowing you to boost performance and make the recovery from the workouts to be achieved much quicker.

Fourthly, Dianabol will increase metabolism process in your body, which means that fat will be burned faster and the proteins that are consumed will not be converted into fat, particularly if carbohydrates are also contained in your meals.

Finally, when daily dosage of 30-50 mg each day is taken (or perhaps more for some experienced athletes) it increases the level of red cells in your blood and enhancing quicker muscle growth and increase in performance from the workouts in general.

How to use Methandrostenolone